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Pursue your passion for Vet Nursing

A veterinary nursing qualification can lead you into an exciting and varied career working with animals.

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Best Nursing Education

Our focus is training VETERINARY NURSES

A veterinary nursing qualification can lead you into an exciting and varied career working with animals.

  • Maintain small class sizes – usually no more than 30 people per class.
  • Tutors are experienced, qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses.
  • Attend field trips, and hear from experts in their field.

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Your Career

A veterinary nursing qualification

Our programme is highly practical and graduate outcome-based, incorporating feedback and input from the industry that employs our students. This in turn leads to high demand for our graduates and excellent levels of employment.

Career Pathways

Over 95% of our graduates are hired within six months of graduation.

Improving your knowledge

Programme is NZQA accredited and approved, and Vet Nurse Plus is a NZQA Category 1 provider.

Field trips for interactive learning

Field trips for interactive learning, and hear from various guest speakers who are experts in their field.

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Our Vet Nurse Plus family are passionate about the industry and teaching. Whether it is tutors, support staff or our directors, each of our wonderful team is here to uphold core values and provide you with the best Veterinary Nurse training available. You can read more about the tutors and support staff as well as our directors.

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Our focus is training VETERINARY NURSES

Get quality nursing training with one-to-one support from tutors, and a high level of practical experience throughout our course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Fees Free if studying at Vet Nurse Plus?2022-05-31T19:10:28+12:00

Yes – if you are eligible. Go to to check your eligibility. You will need your National Student Number (NSN).

Can I get a student loan to cover my course fees and living expenses?2022-05-31T19:10:11+12:00

Yes, provided you meet Studylink eligibilty requirements. You will need to apply through Studylink. We’re happy to assist successful course applicants with their student loan applications.

Can I study part-time or by correspondence?2022-05-31T19:09:58+12:00

Unfortunately, not at this stage.

The programme is full-time with time spent weekly in the classroom, in veterinary clinics and at home or in the library doing your own learning. Most students spend an additional 4-6 hours a week on additional study and homework.

In your Diploma year of study, there will be less time in the classroom and more time in veterinary clinics for advanced practical learning. This may suit veterinary nurses who are currently employed and wish to return to study the Diploma whilst still maintaining part-time work in a veterinary clinic.

I am a mature person and have been in the work force for a number of years in an unrelated industry. Would I be accepted?2022-05-31T19:09:44+12:00

We welcome applications from mature students who are seeking a different career, life style change or wish to simply be involved in animal health. Do not think you will be alone in the classroom – up to 40% of our students per year are considered mature. Mature students will be evaluated on a case by case basis however it is desirable to hold some form of equivalent secondary or tertiary study as per our entry criteria. If you have any questions or concerns just give us a call.

Does Vet Nurse Plus help organise my clinical placements once I’m on the programme?2022-05-31T19:09:30+12:00

Yes. We have a strong connection with the veterinary industry and work closely with our partner vet clinics throughout the Auckland region. We will organise all your placements in clinics for the Certificate, and will assist with any placements in the Diploma too should this be required.

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