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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-07-26T12:34:04+12:00
Can I get Fees Free if studying at Vet Nurse Plus?2022-05-31T19:10:28+12:00

Yes – if you are eligible. Go to to check your eligibility. You will need your National Student Number (NSN).

Can I get a student loan to cover my course fees and living expenses?2022-05-31T19:10:11+12:00

Yes, provided you meet Studylink eligibilty requirements. You will need to apply through Studylink. We’re happy to assist successful course applicants with their student loan applications.

Can I study part-time or by correspondence?2022-05-31T19:09:58+12:00

Unfortunately, not at this stage.

The programme is full-time with time spent weekly in the classroom, in veterinary clinics and at home or in the library doing your own learning. Most students spend an additional 4-6 hours a week on additional study and homework.

In your Diploma year of study, there will be less time in the classroom and more time in veterinary clinics for advanced practical learning. This may suit veterinary nurses who are currently employed and wish to return to study the Diploma whilst still maintaining part-time work in a veterinary clinic.

I am a mature person and have been in the work force for a number of years in an unrelated industry. Would I be accepted?2022-05-31T19:09:44+12:00

We welcome applications from mature students who are seeking a different career, life style change or wish to simply be involved in animal health. Do not think you will be alone in the classroom – up to 40% of our students per year are considered mature. Mature students will be evaluated on a case by case basis however it is desirable to hold some form of equivalent secondary or tertiary study as per our entry criteria. If you have any questions or concerns just give us a call.

Does Vet Nurse Plus help organise my clinical placements once I’m on the programme?2022-05-31T19:09:30+12:00

Yes. We have a strong connection with the veterinary industry and work closely with our partner vet clinics throughout the Auckland region. We will organise all your placements in clinics for the Certificate, and will assist with any placements in the Diploma too should this be required.

Do I need to be computer literate and have access to a computer?2022-05-31T19:09:17+12:00

Yes. All assignments need to be computer generated so we expect students to be comfortable with programmes like Microsoft Word. You will also need access to the internet for research, online learning, timetables and more. We strongly recommend students have a laptop as some tests are done online during class time.

Can I work overseas as a veterinary nurse with a NZ Diploma in Veterinary Nursing?2022-05-31T19:09:03+12:00

Yes you can generally work overseas but there are different rules for every country. In the UK, you can work as an unlisted nurse and be employed in a veterinary practice with the provision that no schedule 3 work is carried out. There is an application process to become listed. The NZ Veterinary Nursing Association has more information on this. You can work in Australia, but there is no mutual recognition of overseas qualifications. The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia can provide more information. We recommend you contact the relevant country’s official veterinary nursing association to find out all details.

I have been out of study for a while and wish to do some foundation/bridging study before applying for Vet Nurse Plus. What are my options?2022-05-31T19:08:51+12:00

Vet Nurse Plus does not offer any foundation level programmes.

If you wish to complete a basic study refresher, we recommend that you research foundation programmes which include study in English, Mathematics and Science as these are the subjects we take into consideration for our school leaver applicants.

Another option is the New Zealand Certificate in Animal Care, level 3. Various institutions offer this programme.

If you wish to check the suitability of a foundation programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are the programmes offered at Vet Nurse Plus approved by the NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority)?2022-05-31T19:08:30+12:00

Yes. Vet Nurse Plus are a registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) with NZQA and we deliver approved and accredited programmes. We have also received a Category 1 review, the best possible.

I am an international student wishing to study veterinary nursing, am I able to study at Vet Nurse Plus?2024-06-11T15:56:46+12:00

Yes, international students must be 18 years old to apply. Please refer to International Students for more details